Monday, July 6, 2009

KITEs Method Kiteboarding Class

Come train with us on the Kite Beach, DR or enjoy our free E-course. Contact us to reserve your space.
Athlete's Course $399 - 4 day 8 hours. Money Back Guarantee! Train with Kite Boarding's top Coach and Producer of the KITEs Method

Resort Course $69 Fun for all! Reserve your space. 

Advanced Riding Lessons starting at $35 usd

KITEs Method E-course Lesson 1

KITEs Method E-course Lesson 2

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kite Courses-Kite Beach-Cabarete Dominican Republic

This is a rare opportunity to learn from the sports premiere Trainer, John Holzhall. John has written a number of book and produces the KITEs Method, which is widely considered the quickest way to learn and the safest way to teach.

If you can't make it to Kite Beach, try our free E-course:
KITEs Method Lesson 1
KITEs Method Lesson 2
Unfortunately too many school owners don't teach, they just connect their clients with kids on the beach and call it a lesson. Don't get roped into traditional "Charge and Chuck" lesson. Train with the sports top Coach on the finest kite beach.

"Bro to Pro" Course
This is a 3 day (9 hour) course - $349
This Method course is GUARANTEED to be the safest way to teach and the quickest way to learn.
Train under the Supervision of kiting's top trainer John Holzhall.
Learn to:
Go Upwind
Water Start
Self Launch
Self Rescue
Rig and Ride
This course includes the KITEs Method Certification and training from John Holzhall, author of the KITEs Method Books.

The Athlete Course

This course is 5-7 days or 25 hours $799
Learn how to handle your gear safely and efficiently -> Guaranteed!
Finish this course on your Method ALL KIte!
Train under the Supervision of kiting's top trainer, John Holzhall.
Learn the 5 pillars of kiting in a Pass-Fail format. John personally rides with you and coaches you on strategies for now and all the way through Pro riding. Learn the Method from the Master, become a Method Rider!
This Method course is GUARANTEED to be the safest way to teach and the quickest way to learn.

Resort Course
1 hour course $59
Anyone can do this lesson, it is fun, safe and the base of all Kiting, Kiteboarding, Snow kiting and Kite boating. Learn the base of the KITEs Method.

Extra Sessions
Includes all gear and a helper -> $90
Must be KITEs Method Certified.

Method Coaches Course
This is a 5 day 20 hour course $599
Learn the safest way to teach -> GUARANTEED
Learn how to teach clients to go upwind. Ride with your clients. Learn how to get 6 kites out of every one kite!
Learn from Kiteboarding's premiere Trainer and Author of the KITEs Method, John Holzhall.

Private Sessions

$375 a half day/ 3 hours -> $599 a day/ 6 hours.
Be the Best you can Be while getting the most out of your Gear!
Train with the man who wrote the book on kiteboarding, John Holzhall.

Advanced Lessons

These lessons are $43 a session, with KITEs Method Rider Certification.
Ride with John Holzhall and learn the Secrets of Kiteboarding, learn Jumping from the same man who trained the best riders. Learn how to PIMP your Gear, turn any kite into 6 kites.