Friday, June 11, 2010

Kite Lessons

Bro to Pro Course This is a 4 day (8 hour) course - $339.  This Method course is GUARANTEED to be the safest way to teach and the quickest way to learn. Train under the Supervision of kiting's top trainer John Holzhall. Learn to: Go Upwind, Water Start, Self Launch Self Rescue, Rig and Ride. This course includes the KITEs Method Certification and training from John Hozhall, author of the KITEs Method Books. For more information about learning to kiteboard on kite beach Cabarete DR, email us. All Kiteboarding Lessons happen at the Method Lodge on Kitebeach Cabarete, DR. For kiteboarding villas contact us at
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"Bro to Pro Course" 5 day 25 hour course
This course is 5-7 days or 25 hours $999 This course is for the person who is going to be a kiteboarder! Learn how to handle your gear safely and efficiently -> Guaranteed! Finish this course on your Method ALL Kite! Train under the Supervision of kiting's top trainer, John Holzhall. Learn the 5 pillars of kiting in a Pass-Fail format. John personally rides with you and coaches you on strategies for now and all the way through Pro riding. Learn the Method from the Master, become a Method Rider! This Method course is GUARANTEED to be the safest way to teach and the quickest way to learn.
25 hour- Athlete Course$999
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Resort Course is a 1 hour course $69 Learn the MOST FUN AND SAFEST WAY to kite! -> GUARANTEED Anyone can do this lesson, it is fun, safe and the base of all Kiting, Kiteboarding, Snow kiting and Kite boating. Learn the base of the KITEs Method.
1 Hour Cabarete Kite boarding Lessons$69
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Be the Best you can be while getting the most out of your Gear! Train with the man who wrote the book on kiteboarding, John Holzhall. Learn how to carve like a pro, learn the secrets behind landing every jump softly and the strategies behind wave riding. Lessons daily on Kite Beach at the Method Lodge. Method Rider Certification Required. Most riders learn how to land jumps the hard way, spending months or years taking it hard. Some get bounced right out of the sport. Not so in the KITEs Method jumping kite board lesson. This is our most talked about kite boarding lesson plan. The proven Set hand/Land hand technique works for riders of any level. In this kite surfing lesson plan, we guarantee that you will learn how to land your jumps softly.
1 Hour riding and boosting Lessons start at $59
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Learn how to teach the "cutting edge" KITEs Method. Become a Method Kiteboarding Coach . Give your students the safest way to teach and the quickest way to learn to kiteboard, Guaranteed! Method Kiteboarding Coaches have more fun while teaching more students safer! Tea-bagging, walk of shame...these things do not exist in the KITEs Method.  Learn the safest way to teach kite boarding, train at the Method Lodge on Kite beach in the DR. Get Method Certified! Reserve your space now!
20 Hour Kite boarding Coaches Course includes Method ALL Kite, bar and lines - $1275
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Extra Sessions
Extra Sessions include all gear and a helper -> $60usd per hour.  Log hours in the KITEs Method Pass/Fail Course. Do the work needed to become a great rider! Must be KITEs Method Certified. Session: The time between launch and exit. Reserve Space now!

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Private Lesson with John Holzhall
This course is $375 a half day/ 3 hours -> $599 a day/ 6 hours. Be the Best you can Be while getting the most out of your Gear! Train with the man who wrote the books on kiteboarding.  Learn how to PIMP your Gear, turn any kite into 6 kites.
3 hour private kiteboarding lesson $375. Reserve space now
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